Friday, March 30, 2012

Farmday Friday; quietly

I am old fashioned.

I don't throw it away immediately.

As is obvious from this old relic (spot the tape?)

I try to only spend what I have (((try)))

I hang my clothes out to dry because I love knowing that the air is free.

I sow lettuce in my window box because the simple act of providing even one food item for myself makes me feel free.

I am old fashioned.

And I have to admit, it's more work.

It sometimes makes us tired.

But it's a good, happy kind of tired.


  1. Things definitely take longer to do when you are old fashioned and I wouldn't trade it for anything! :)

  2. It may take longer, but it's SO much more relaxing. I wouldn't trade this life for anything!

  3. I have about 5 wooden racks and they all have duct tape on them. We finally took one out to the barn to use for garden markers.

  4. Ah kindred spirits! What joy! Glad to find you, glad to hear from you.

    Kristina; how do you use them for garden markers? I'm intrigued!