Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Veggies Schmedggies

I know I know, everyone else has probably been growing veggies for years but me.....I grow flowers for a living.  That's what it is to be in horticulture and growing veggies isn't exactly covered in Hort 101.

So this year is a learning year.  I've grown veggies in the past, don't get me wrong.  But I've never planted ELEVEN tomatoes in addition to: squash, cukes, sweet corn, beets, carrots, beans and ponatoes.

I've never had a plot specifically dedicated to growing veggies.  Come August I will probably be up to my ears in mateys, trying to keep up with baking my doggie treats to sell and wondering what on earth I was thinking.

Minute of it.

Here's my plot

it's 18x30 but the last time I talked about it to someone it was 20x36 and now it's gotta be at least 25x50.
Funny that.

Tilled up with posts in; yes I helped, my blister proves it!

Fencing up and ready for planting; yippie!

Whatcha growing?  Straw?  There's some mateys in there, see em? And look at that purty gate!!
My good friends at Hedgeapple Row Farm gave me this here little plot God bless 'em.  I helped build the fence and man, you gotta respect someone who builds a fence that could stand up against a bison. Susanna's husband Henry ain't messing around when he builds a fence.  And yes, he took the slight razzing we gave him very gracefully.

I'll let you know how things go on my little plot o' heaven.  But taking care of this, how on earth am I ever going to have time for writing?


  1. I love all the photos! :o) I also enjoyed watching you & Henry work on the fencing around the garden, while I had a warm cup 'o coffee in my hands. ;o) It does my heart good to see you, with your big hat & pretty long skirt, working in the garden. It brings back fond memories of my mama ~~ she loved her garden ~~ still does!

    p.s. I put your link up on my website ~~ go check it out ~~ looks good!

  2. Love your garden plot and I think that fence is GREAT!! :)

  3. Not taking any chances with the Fauna, I see. ;)