Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weeee bit of an update

Oh the time does fly!  And so do the home made dog biscuits...right outta the house!  Whoohoo!!

Guess what?

My friend who owns a doggie daycare is putting in a little sales shelf, bugging me for business cards and stocking my home made doggie treats (Nibbles for Pups on Etsy) at her daycare!

I'm sorry I haven't written.

I've been making business cards, shopping for cookie cutters, trying to figure out how on earth to frost them (the cookies, not the cards) without giving poor doggies a sugar high heart attack and otherwise getting all business like and fun.  

Just ordered business cards!!  Oh!  They are so cute I want to squirm....I'd post 'em but they have all my personal info and the like......

The hardest part was doing the math to figure out really how much the treats are worth.  I am happy to report that 10-$12 per lb is totally reasonable.

It was funny; I don't want to overcharge so last night I baked a batch at record speed!

A new sport.

Speed baking!!


  1. Well you GO girl!! Congrats!! :)

  2. Have fun with that! Maybe "frost" with a little cornstarch and water?

  3. Hi Nancy, I tried the cornstarch idea and it did have the right consistency but then cracked a lot once dried. I'm thinking cornstarch, a little home rendered lard and non-fat dry milk. I'll give that a try and see how it goes!

  4. Let us know how it turns out. Me & the dogs are excited. We're excited about everything! Love your blogspot!

  5. Cornstarch, yogurt, a little lard to smooth it out (home-rendered lard too, none of that store bought stuff!) and Voila! A decent doggie icing. Hoping to try it out soon. It smells like bacon....oh boy.