Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Icing Debacle

I am so incandescently tired.

Every once in a while I hunt for Snipe.  You know, that game where your friends dump you in a graveyard and tell you to find Snipe, you have to hold very very still before you can see the Snipe.  Then they abandon you and leave you. (Not Harry Potter Snipe; this Snipe)


In a graveyard.

Freaking out.

It's fun really, at least for your friends.

So I went Snipe hunting.  I went on a crusade for something that didn't exist: The Perfect Sugar-freehealthyforyourdogandcheaptomake icing.  Like Snipe in a graveyard, evidently it doesn't exist.

I am like a dog with a bone sometimes.  I will gnaw and gnaw at something until I *&$^$##ing figure it out!!!

Except this time.  This time I caved, and that's ok because really, it's that streak of perfectionism that makes me try the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

insanityFrom Latin īnsānus (unsound in mind; mad, insane), from in- + sānus (sound, sane): doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. (I claim artistic license here!)

But there was ONE TIME when I blended cornstarch and water and voila! Got icing! Maybe the planets were aligned! Maybe I knocked on wood! Maybe I was standing on one foot while thumbing my nose at the sky!

Nevertheless, it could not be recreated.

Do you think anyone from Wikipedia will care I stole their photo of a Snipe?

Finally I found an icing that works, it DOES have sugar but reading up I find that sugar is ok in very small quantities for doggies.  So I will go with this.  And be ok with it.  Even though it isn't perfect.

It's ok.  I'm going to go ice some treats now.  

Guess they turned out ok.


  1. It's not actually! It's just very white but it's a very thin coating and then dribbles across. I couldn't use too much, didn't want the doggies having a sugar high!