Monday, August 20, 2012


I heart this time of year. I walk around, drive around and bike around in awe of all dem apples! You know, the ones dangling from your neighbors yard. The ones that drop to the ground and feed the crawling things.

I hate to see that! So down the road from me is a tree that for some reason (dry weather? mild winter?) produced a huge amount of gorgeous apples, some with nary a blemish.

Oh life is sweet when you've got free food right down the road.


  1. Great score!--Hope they're tasty ones.
    We've got one on our property that has only bore one out of the five years we've been here....but they are the HUGEST, most incredible tasting apples. Very old tree--I wish I knew what variety they are.

  2. Beautiful apples and free makes them extra special! :)

  3. Gorgeous! My poor apple tree has very few this year, sad... and free is a very good price!