Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Tale of Big Momma & Little Son (Gilbert)

This is my first year growing really big tomato plants and for kicks, I bought some heirloom varieties.  I love the novelty, I love the NON GMO, I love the fact that I can collect their seed for next year.  GO HEIRLOOM!

Meet Big Momma. (aka Mortgage Lifter)

Now when I planted her she was just a wee little thing.  Called Mortgage Lifter because her very large, very luscious and prolific fruit are said to be able to lift the mortgage off your house if you take to selling them.  I call her Big Momma.  She was the first to ripen in my garden and while all the other maters were playing ketchup (oh so sorry), she was waaaay ahead.  Her fruit are big, meaty, and the prettiest pinkish red you ever saw.  How can you not see she's a Big Momma?

When I go out to my garden I have conversations with the plants.  It's my way of communicating the joy I feel at their producing things for me to eat.

"Got anything for me today Big Momma? Oh wow Momma, you are showing all these other boys up!  Good job Momma!"

I cheer on my maters.  Especially her Little Son next door (aka Gilbert(ie) Paste). "C'mon Little Son, your momma is working much harder than you! You better keep up!"

He needed a lot of help.  He was all contorted looking when he went in and he nearly got ripped out, I thought for sure he had a virus, but something told me, since I am just a learnin', to hold off, and I did.

Little Son will be beating out his momma pretty soon and I will be canning like gangbusters.

And just because, I'll go ahead and introduce you to Missie Leigh.  She's one of them there fancy maters you see?  But despite her somewhat sour demeanor, she goes in to the canning jars just as easily and gets some stares and 2nd glances due to her fancy coloring.  Don't you know you shouldn't stare??


  1. I do like the beautiful markings on Missie Leigh!Sour? What do you make with them?

  2. I grow mostly heirloom too, great flavors!

  3. Sue: I just toss them in with regular maters when I can them and make them go further. They just aren't as sweet as classic reds. But I could imagine making a great green salsa with them.

    Nancy: You're right. And fun colors and shapes too!

  4. Go Big Momma and Gilbert and Missie Leigh! :)