Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Killer Pants! Part 1

Oh I've been busy!  But then who hasn't, but if you only knew what I was up to you'd shake your head at me and do like my husband does and say "You like to overbook yourself don't you?"

But really we are here to talk about these PANTS:
Women's Flex Fire Hose Utility Pant
No matter how much I'd like to say that it is....that is NOT me in those pants.

Maybe it's weird to drool over pants this obviously practical but seeing as my ideal life includes a lot of hard work, I need hard working clothes too!  And practicality?  Some people get all warm and happy from fuzzy kittens or cute puppies.  If something is practical; that gives me my happy moment.

These pants are from Duluth Trading CompanyDuluth Trading Company

I know you've heard of them.  They're that company in Wisconsin (ah yuh, oh wait that's Minnesota) that sends you those catalogs near Christmas that you look through and think "One for me, one for a gift, one for me, one for a gift".  Oh and BTW they are letting me give away a $100 gift card!  Woohoo!  So plan on reading my upcoming posts fellow farmish, farmgirls, farmy people if you want the chance to W.I.N it.

On every page I find something cool, practical, neat and/or unique. Case in point:
Zip Top Travel Tote
My next drool-over item....did I mention I collect bags? Seriously, I need an intervention.
 So I was flipping through their catalog the other day and I tweeted my Duluth TC love and lo' and behold they contacted me to say "Hey, we'll give you a pair of pants if you wear them, review them, spread the love around and hey, why don't you do a giveaway as well?"  Does there need to be a question mark on the end of that sentence???????

Yes, yes, I did the 5 year old jump up and down screeeee thing.  It was shameful.  Woman of 35.

But I have the pants, I'm wearing them almost every day (seriously, they will stand on their own soon which is great because maybe then I'll win the "Last Pants Standing" contest they are running right now on Facebook! (Go! Enter! Go!) and in upcoming postings I will be talking


my pants.

Is it immature of me to laugh heartily at that?

Was that last sentence even intelligible due to all the tangents?  Talking tangentially is one of my favorite things....almost as great as the word tangentially.  Oh.  I guess we're at the end now.

Stay tuned for Killer Pants!  Part 2


  1. The bags look fantastic! The prices are very reasonable. The oilcloth day tote is going on my Christmas wish list!

    1. There were many bags I was drooling over but I probably should get rid of the ones I have first!

  2. I love those pants too! I've been getting their catalogs and very well made items. What are the pants made of?

    1. They are made of 97% cotton and 3% spandex. They are very tightly woven which is what makes them so sturdy. BUT it also makes them a little warm in summer. One minor drawback in my opinion. Still they are great work pants and I wear them almost every day.