Thursday, September 20, 2012

Killer Pants! Part 2

The other day I was on a tour and wearing my firehose pants.  I have to admit I wear them nearly every day.  So out and about in my pants, the cart we were on ran in to a roadblock.  A very large pile of multiflora rose that had just been chopped down and dragged to the very center of the trail we wanted to go on.

Multiflora rose is a terrible invasive shrub.  It has back curving thorns that will rip you up, it can grow 6-8 ft tall and it loooooves to reseed itself, spreading its thorny love all over the stinkin place.

It's horrid.

I hopped out of the cart with my co-worker and without a second thought I used my legs to kick the pile of nastiness out of the path so the cart could pass.  I think I felt one tiny prick, maybe two from those sharp thorns but it was nothing!  I rolled up my pant leg later and not a scratch, not a prick and not a drop of blood was shed.  Amazing pants!

With fall setting in, they are even better with their nice, tight weave.  They are cozy and attractive.  I've gotten many compliments on how I look in them.  Someone even said I looked like I had lost weight.  Ok so yeah, now I really love them pants.  Ha!

Anyhow, thanks for stopping in for the second installment of my pants story.  I'll continue to fill you in on the pants and on the $100 gift card I'll get to give away on my blog!


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