Sunday, September 23, 2012

World's Best Brownies?

My husband is a brownie fanatic.  Every year I bake him plenty of batches and I can't help but try a new recipe once in a while because one day,  while we were talking about the wonderfulness of brownies, he happened to mention someone he had dated in the past who made amazing brownies.

Big mistake.

He may not know it but since then I have been combing the internet, the moon, sun, stars and mags to find a recipe that could top those so called 'amazing brownies'!  I've got a sconch of competitiveness to my nature I'd say.

I was visiting my parents a while back and my dad, being a foodie, had some mags lying around having to do with food.  I opened one up and lo and behold a long article about the physics, science, math and biology behind really really good brownies.

I stole the recipe.  I made it Friday and yesterday shipped it off to my husband to see what his reaction is.

It involves three different kinds of chocolate.  One of these is unsweetened chocolate.  I had way more than I needed for the recipe so I took a  nice big bite to see what it was like and ......oh! ick! ablkjf!!!! patooey!! patooey!! get out of my mouth!  sua!

Who knew that I could ever forcibly eject any chocolate substance out of my mouth so quickly??

It looks good doesn't it?  Don't do it.  Though it may call to you with it's yummy smell and it's shiny temper oh my God don't put it in your mouth unless you can follow it with a pound of sugar.

Holy Cow.

I'll let you know the husbands verdict and if he says they are the best he's ever had....I'll share the recipe.


  1. It wasn't by chance this recipe from Cook's Illustrated was it?

    If that recipe, doesn't do it give this one a whorl. There are five eggs. That's right five.

    - Marigold

  2. It WAS! How'd you know? I love my experimental kitchen so even if he says these brownies are the bees knees I'll still give this other recipe a try. Thanks!

  3. And brown sugar too? Holy wow I got a sugar rush just reading the recipe. Definitely my next batch.

  4. Ha ha! Had to laugh at your tasting experience. We love brownies too. We make a zucchini/banana one that the family loves too.

    1. That sounds interesting! Bet it's nice and moist with zucchini and bananas in it.

  5. I've got a go-to brownie recipe I'll share with you that comes from Rose Levy Beranbaum.