Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Almost Over

Good morning glories!!

 It's almost gone again. The harvest season. Oh how sad! But what a wonderful season it was for me. I can look back over all my garden posts and re-live the lively purples.

The riotous reds....

And the shiny yellows....

But now Fall is here with it's own lovely hues

And change is in the air. Keep on the lookout for it!


  1. Heavenly Blue morning glories? My absolute favorites, but they usually blossom so late for me I've given up trying to grow them. Once or twice they've bloomed early enough to enjoy them for 2-3 weeks before they freeze. Other years they've frozen before the buds opened.

  2. What a bummer! I love them too and am lucky enough to be able to grow them. You must live way up north. I'm in Zone 5 but they do seem to take forever before their ready to flower. Any way you could start them inside to give them a head start?

  3. Beautiful pictures of your harvest and the fall colors! :)