Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dreams and Misdemeanors

Did I spell that right?

It's taken about a week for me to realize that yes, I did leave my job, yes, I am at a crossroads and no, I no longer have to hold back on confessing the truth about what's really important to me.

I've never been very good at pretending.

Change is a wonderful thing.  I know it's not always easy.  I know it doesn't always seem wonderful.  But the potential of my current situation get's me a bit choked up.  Call me silly (it's ok, go ahead) but the big dream of getting off the grid is composed of a bunch of little dreams that, when I think about them, make my heart swell, my head ache and give me butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

I really was born in the wrong century.

When I was working in my high-stress low return job, these are the little things I would dream about:

  1. working in a yarn store
  2. having unlimited knitting/spinning time (see above)
  3. having a table at a farmer's market/flea market to sell stuff we make
  4. renewing my love of gardening by actually doing some gardening
  5. singing in the church choir
  6. chickens
  7. giving Christmas gifts with heart
  8. taking the Cornell class on ornithology online
  9. writing a book about my hometown and all its foibles
  10. earning more merit badges from MaryJane's Farm Farmgirl Sisterhood
Think it's too much?

I'll be working on it, just you watch.  I've always enjoyed a challenge. 

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  1. Those all sound like wonderful and very achievable dreams! :)