Saturday, February 11, 2012

Milling Grain: Why would you want to do that??

This past Christmas my parents got us a hand crank grain mill for Christmas.  My cousin looked at it and after I explained what it was for she said "Why would you want to do that."  I love my cousin lots but we are sooooo different in some ways!
 So why would I want to 'do that'?

Take wheat berries, grind them in to flour, put that flour in my bread machine and make a loaf of stupendous bread.

Start to finish.  That's why.  The way things are these days we all work 9-5 jobs either at home or away from home and our hands are no longer in the process of providing for ourselves.

Oh sure, we provide money for ourselves through our jobs but who ever thought that THAT was a good idea?  You can't eat money.  Revolving things around it just means it gets spent on things you don't really need.

What do you need?


Wholesome, yummy, fresh bread (i.e. food)

How did the bread turn out?  Oh it was dense for sure but one slice was also like eating a meal.  It had crunch, sum and substance.

You've read books, right, where there's somebody in prison and all they get to eat is bread and water?  Well back then bread wasn't the fluffy, tasteless, dessert-type lifeless thing we eat out of a plastic bag today.
Buckwheat flour too
If jail bread was like the bread that came from grinding my own flour; I'm not feeling nearly so sorry for those jailbirds!