Thursday, December 20, 2012

Time to write?

Ok. So I'm amazed that this time of year, anyone has time to write! I have lots of things I could say but between the Ebay store since I'm now jobless, the cookies, the family coming to visit the dogs the husband......breathe!

I have to remember that my task list will never truly be done and if it was, I'd be bored.

So! You likely won't see me on here again until after Christmas.

I am thinking of you, I truly am. In the meantime; have some fun with this from my friends over at Duluth Trading Company:  Manimator....hahaha.

and my yearly favorite from The Weepies !  Shake the globe! Go on! Shake it!! Every year it's a little different. This year there are three children....looks like they added to their family.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! to everyone.