Monday, January 14, 2013

Farmgirl Life

Life is good if you are on a farm.

IF, however, you just moved in with your husband and you are a farmgirl in the burbs where everyone has a cellphone, an agenda and would give Speedracer a run for their money......

It's still good, just an adjustment, if I might call it that.

Living with my husband after four years apart is at once wonderful and frustrating, joyful and aggravating, loving and I want to pound a roll of insulation with a big stick.....whoa, whoa, sorry folks.

I think we tend to look for a shining bullet to make us happy. What I'm learning is that I am happy if I want to be. I definitely have more cause to be since I'm living with my husband and when we laugh together and are able to diffuse a tense situation because of laughter, I am happier than I've ever been.

I may be in the all-pervasive burbs now, but I'm still able to bake English muffins from scratch, don my apron and feel connected to the pure Italian heritage I've inherited by marriage, see doing dishes as an act of love, take care of all that falls under my apron skirt and be glad.

But that old life sometimes creeps up and whispers in my ear "you are meant for grander things!", "you shouldn't be the ONLY one doing the dishes!".

Yet the grandness of every day depends on what we believe to be grand doesn't it? If I think it is grand to wake up, make the coffee, breakfast and clean up the dishes; then it is. And why wouldn't I want to be a part of such grandness?

To love is to take care of;
To take care of is to clean;
To clean is to be satisfied;
To be satisfied is to be joyful;
To be joyful is to love.........

THAT is pure farmgirl and that is pure me.


  1. ...I'm smiling... ~Wendy~

  2. And let him do the dishes once in a while and take a long, hot bath :)

  3. Those muffins look delicious. Yes, take a long break from dishes - ha ha!

    1. Thanks! They are fun to make and now my husband insists I have to keep him in English muffins!

  4. Being a loving wife and homemaker is a pretty grand thing in my book!! Your English Muffins are beautiful!

    1. Thanks Candy, let me know if you want the recipe, they are super simple.

  5. I have been surprised to find how much I like *just* being a stay at home mom. And you know the me that was pretty sure I was headed for grander things. Yes, life is good, if you see it that way.

    Oh and those biscuits look divine. I'm trying out the Wahls Diet eating for brain and body health for a month and that means no gluten! No Dairy! I really want a biscuit with butter.

    1. No dairy! Ugh. Dairy saves me often when I'm feeling peckish. And you love cheese too so that must be tough! Best of luck, and glad you enjoy being a mom. I'm sure that's one of the secrets to being a good one!