Thursday, February 14, 2013

Theoretical Thursday take 1

I hope your day is filled with love and if there's no one to make it so, enjoy your freedom and do what you love.
And I love you, because you are human, because you read my journal and because you have something to offer, I know you do. 
So here: <3 <3 <3 Take some love with you wherever you go today, from Fearless Farmgirl, to you.

And now today's post:

An ongoing joke between me and my husband is my need to create theories as part of contemplation. We’ll be in the middle of making dinner and I’ll say, “You know? I’ll bet if such and such then such and such and such would such and such.” Catch that? I usually end with; “But it’s just a theory”
So I’ve decided lovely readers to share my theories on here as often as I can come up with them in the form of Theoretical Thursdays.

Some may be wise, some may be wise-cracked but usually, they are fun and often they are full of it.


Theory: I’ll bet if people had to make everything from scratch, they wouldn’t eat near as much. Take butter for instance.

I have a problem with butter. It’s ridiculously yummy. I can’t say no.

When I eat corn bread…..every bite must have a fresh dab of butter on it.

Now if I had to make butter myself instead of buy it in a store, do you think I would use as much, go overboard, use it in everything and always want more?


Of course not. It wouldn’t be practical. I neither have the time nor the resources (a cow) to make butter every day, which is what I’d need to do to keep up with my addiction.

But….it’s just a theory.


  1. You've got a great point! Every so often, I still churn raw milk into butter; gosh is it good!

  2. Aw shucks! Just try to call it like I see it!

    I made butter in a mason jar once; it was sooo good!