Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's a Miracle

Yup, I'm still here.

And I'm at work giving myself 15 minutes to check in with everyone and let you know what we've been up to.....I see I've picked up a couple followers and am now past 60!  That is truly a miracle!  And thanks! It's knowing someone is actually reading that encourages me to keep writing.  <3

It's harvest season here and after living in 4 other states I must say the harvest time skies in upstate NY are by far the prettiest.

Case in point

It's pretty likely this post will be mostly photos with some descriptions.  I like my quippy writing style but at times like these (harvest and building a place to live before the snow flies) I really have to be like a wooden 2 x 4 not a doily.  Sorry.  ;-)

We've been hard at work.  The outhouse is done, though not pulled over the 3' hole we dug.  
Can't wait to paint it white, plant flowers around get the idea.

The foundation for the 'cabin' is squared and leveled (this is before it was squared and leveled hahahahahaha lest you think we are idiots!):
The round things are cement cores; we will fill the entire area in with gravel and firm them all up

But we've also had some time to enjoy life here. It's stunning every time we turn around.  Right now we are at peak fall color and boy, I have got to get some photos.  None this time unfortunately.  But still, some flowers on our land:
New England Asters simply glow in the late afternoon light

Canada goldenrod

This is one of my favorite 'scenes' on our land right now. Brambles are orange in the background, 2 kinds of asters and goldenrod; gorgeous.
And finally; some photos of the harvest:

Fava beans in pod
Huge beans in there!

Fava beans 'Windsor' peeled and ready to throw in to a stew or something.

The growing season is pretty short up here. It leaves very little room for error in planting times with tomatoes.  But the catch is if you plant when you should, you often get nasty diseases that are used to the cycles of their hosts (late blight blech!! if you want more info) so we planted waaay late and yay! no late blight but:

Yes; we picked them almost ALL green! (5.5 bushels full)

And then we did this with them, most will actually ripen believe it or not.
 So there ya go.  A little photo journal of what's been going on.  My husband's hand is healing and getting better the more he uses it. We are moving onward and upward and praising God for every blessing, even the green tomato harvest.

Until next time!


  1. Keep writing! I pick all my green tomatoes (soon) right before a hard freeze. I put them in our kitchen on the counter, etc. til they ripen. Not as juicy, but good for sauces, etc.

  2. Yes, please keep writing! (and I promise I won't "lose" you in my blogging reading thingy somewhere!) I made a pretty good green tomato / onion / garlic relish last year. But don't ask me for the recipe...I have NO idea what I did.

  3. oh oh oh...LOVE those green tomatoes...I am SO envious! I would be eating fried green tomatoes until they came out of my ears and then I'd can some so I could eat them in the winter!

  4. Did I just lose my comment? Damn Blogger. If this is a repeat - just go ahead and delete one (or all...) I am glad you're back! I love green tomatoes, fried, pickled, anything. And I wish that Carolyn would start writing down her recipes. And share. Given the setbacks you've encountered this year, I think you've made wonderful progress - glad to hear your husband's hand is on the mend. That is one nasty injury. I'll be looking up your location vis a vis the Little Lucky Farm. It's always more fun to work on someone else's homestead!

  5. All of my green tomatoes are on my kitchen counter, changing colors already!