Monday, November 25, 2013

A Nesters confession

Oh wheeeee the roller coaster of life. Here I am again coming up for air!
Winter is here. One year ago I moved out to central NY and three years ago I married my husband. November is rarely a boring month.
Though we really were not expecting this:

We continue to work on the farm and try to keep up with running two lives.

I am a nester. A friend of mine told me once "you have a talent for making every place you live feel like home". Well thank you I'm sure. It is definitely a compliment and I believe a useful skill.....when you have a home. When you are in limbo, not so much.

Until we move out of the suburbs and finally down to our farm, I do keep trying to nest; putting a fluffy pillow here, changing the candles out with the seasons, choosing the towels that match the cross-stitch in the bathroom.....but never quite getting things as homey as I would like. How can I with the thought in the back of my mind "we won't be living here much longer"? For now, I surround my spot on the couch with my books and crafting items to keep on hand, a girl sitting in the only empty spot in the middle of a bunch of notions.

I long for that time when all the things I love are in one place. When I can take that cross-stitch off the bathroom wall and hang it in the outhouse, choose the curtains for the cabin from my now large stash of frilly farm curtains and have a 15 minute commute to work instead of an hour and 15 minutes.

It will get here and not in my time but in God's. Of all the things I have learned this first year in a new place, this one lesson is finally sinking in: my plans don't really matter. I just have to pay attention to the cues around me, act accordingly and hang on because the ride of following your dreams is often rough, right? Did I really ever think it was going to be easy?
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  1. Good post! I hope you can get your nest all settled sooner rather than later. :)
    That is a LOT of snow!

  2. Yet, you are making progress! Winter is such a nesting season - I would like to curl up with all my knitting, books to be read and a bottomless pot of tea. However, reality is never that cozy! Have a good winter and keep in touch...

  3. Just stopped by to read some of your posts. It's pouring rain here in TN and not much I can get outside on the farm and accomplish. It's a transition moving from the city to farm life. I'm a nester as well. Although, we just built a new house (after living in an 800 sq. ft. farmhouse for 7 years), I found a way to make our little home cozy and people mentioned that when coming over. Over time you'll be so connected to your little place of heaven, you find it hard to leave. Wishing you the best in 2014! Thanks for following my blog at Redgategal