Saturday, March 30, 2013

Farm Progress

March 22nd;

I'm looking out my window and as the snow falls, I'm thinking "Spring?". Harumph!

And yet there are signs of it here:

And here:

And, on the phone with my wise mother yesterday, she reminded me of last Spring, when the buds burst early on the trees followed promptly by a very hard frost making fruit set scanty all season long.

Just because I may be impatient for Spring does not mean that it is time for Spring to get here.

Despite the iffy weather, we've been making progress on the farm in bits and pieces. We drive to it nearly once each week to check on things, lay down black plastic to warm the soil, start framing in the cold-frames.

Last week we had a setback in the form of a minor catastrophe on the highway......but it made us think and we've since become wiser. My old truck does not agree with super highways and neither do I. I'm glad to know I chose the right vehicle for the life I want to have, not the life that I 'should' have.

March 30th;

Today is bright and sunny! The onions that have come up are sunning themselves on the porch. After Easter, we are starting our new life. We will be tenting down at the house with the dogs and all. Thank God I love to camp!

The time to till the soil is here, the time to build is here. If you don't hear from me, I'm out on the FARM!
We've been getting these egg cartons from local restaurants and using them to start veggies in

I'll be back though, with more photos and another update on our progress.

Happy SPRING and Happy EASTER!