Friday, July 12, 2013

A Ten Minute Post

I've got ten minutes to say hi, feed my husband some more meds and stumble in to bed.

So, here goes!

The farm is still under construction and is going very slowly due to the fact that my husband cut his hand up badly on his........table-saw **CRINGE**  Go ahead, everybody does it. It's impossible to hear that and not cringe to the very tips of your toes.  I won't lie. It has set us back drastically. We are now giving up on getting crops in the ground for a summer harvest and keeping our eyes on the weather, planting like mad for the fall harvest.

Potatoes ready to be covered over
Add to this my 1.5 hour one way commute to my new job (yaaaay! AND booooo!) and we are wondering what on earth God could be planning for us. I figure we must be getting pretty durn close to something great because that is when all sorts of hell-fire and spitting b.s. gets in your way.  Ever notice that?
Sunrise over our little patch o'dirt

So we are both kind of in recovery right now. My spirits vacillate, as do his. Some days he's in so much pain he just sleeps, and it tires me out too for love of him. And let's not even talk about money, ok? The bills coming in are the giant dark spot in my peripheral vision that I ignore. Just keep turning to the light people, deal with it a little at a time and put your face towards the sun.

Outhouse nearly finished
We've been eating lettuce and escarole for a while now and loving every minute of it. I planted 40 tomatoes and 52 cabbages. The view is still as stunning as ever and Hallelujah the rain has stopped for a bit so we can now go down and camp for a few days. I have been longing for camping. Waking up with the dawn to the neighbors' rooster crow, making coffee that always tastes better outside, frying up some eggs and drinking in the sunrise.

Well ten minutes is up and I still have to throw some photos up here for you to look at.  Enjoy, thanks for visiting and hey, I may or may not know you but if you pray then pray for us, if you send karma, then send good karma to us; we could use it and I thank you eversomuch in advance.