Monday, November 25, 2013

A Nesters confession

Oh wheeeee the roller coaster of life. Here I am again coming up for air!
Winter is here. One year ago I moved out to central NY and three years ago I married my husband. November is rarely a boring month.
Though we really were not expecting this:

We continue to work on the farm and try to keep up with running two lives.

I am a nester. A friend of mine told me once "you have a talent for making every place you live feel like home". Well thank you I'm sure. It is definitely a compliment and I believe a useful skill.....when you have a home. When you are in limbo, not so much.

Until we move out of the suburbs and finally down to our farm, I do keep trying to nest; putting a fluffy pillow here, changing the candles out with the seasons, choosing the towels that match the cross-stitch in the bathroom.....but never quite getting things as homey as I would like. How can I with the thought in the back of my mind "we won't be living here much longer"? For now, I surround my spot on the couch with my books and crafting items to keep on hand, a girl sitting in the only empty spot in the middle of a bunch of notions.

I long for that time when all the things I love are in one place. When I can take that cross-stitch off the bathroom wall and hang it in the outhouse, choose the curtains for the cabin from my now large stash of frilly farm curtains and have a 15 minute commute to work instead of an hour and 15 minutes.

It will get here and not in my time but in God's. Of all the things I have learned this first year in a new place, this one lesson is finally sinking in: my plans don't really matter. I just have to pay attention to the cues around me, act accordingly and hang on because the ride of following your dreams is often rough, right? Did I really ever think it was going to be easy?
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