Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Of Hands and Heart

This has to be one of the hardest Christmases I have ever had to go through. Not because I am wanting in anything at all. I am not. I am well. I have a warm home and many things to be thankful for. No, this Christmas is the hardest I can remember because it is the first one, while of adult age, that I have not been able to spend much on those I love.

I have always tried to give thoughtful gifts at Christmastime. Gifts that show I know the person and have taken the time to find them something they will truly enjoy. I am sure I have failed miserably at times (a neck tie made of sock yarn for my uncle) but I am pretty sure I have been successful more often than I have failed.

This year, due to financial constraints, I made as many things as possible but MEN, oh men are so hard to buy for let alone make something for. Crocheted watch band? Knitted hat? (I swear none of the men in my family wear hats, blast it).

But for the things I did make this year I have one wish; that my family members realize that while I cannot be with them at Christmas, the hours I spent making things for them WERE hours spent with them. Spent for them. This Christmas, I could not give gifts with much thought, I could not give gifts bought with much money, this years' gifts were purchased with my time. Hour after loving hour creating something beautiful for those I love.

Some will understand this, and some will not, but I sincerely hope that when they open their gifts for Christmas, they understand that they are looking at a creation not only of my hands but also of my heart.

Merry Christmas to everyone and blessings for the New Year.
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Crafting Slam

Right around the 1st of October I get slammed with crafting urges.  My husband has learned to spot it coming from a month away. I start thinking of all the different things I could make for Christmas gifts, I start with small projects, little things here and there. Gradually I think of making sets of things and multiples of things and before you know it, in my head, I've created a 15 snowflake mobile for everyone in our family.

Now, if i didnt have a part time job, a house to look after and oodles of other things to take care of, this might fly. As it is, it is not a very popular idea and usually, my husband is able to talk me down from my crafting high with talk of logic and common sense.  Logic and common sense? Is he crazy? Who would not want a snowflake mobile?

These crafting interventions sometimes end with me promising to craft behind his back. Which proves his point nicely.  Sigh. O.k! I can't let the dishes pile to the ceiling a la Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout in the name of hand crafted goodies for everyone in my family, at work, at church and their families?

Fine.But next year, I'm starting in February.
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