Thursday, August 21, 2014

Harvest Diary

After enduring a million tiny pricks I came out on the other side of the zucchini beds with this:
Our third basket of zucchini with a couple sungold cherries along for the ride. And oh no what's this?
Found some late blight on our gigantic tomatoes. FIGHT THE BLIGHT! Doused them with copper. 

Fall is in the air today and on the way around I found three Tigger melons:
I saved the seed from these little guys 6 years ago!  They sprouted and are flowering like mad. A nice tiny melon if you don't have tons of room. But the big guys are really spreading:
Pie pumpkin
Delicata honey boat squash
And Cinderella pumpkins followed by
Weee baby acorn squash. Every time I turn around they're bigger than the last time!  And I did manage me some flowers this year. 
Larkspur, one of my favs. 
And Johnny jump ups for nostalgia. 
In a few more weeks things are going to get a lot more interesting around here as the tomatoes, basil and beans start coming in along with all these squash. Farmers market here we come!!


  1. ...looks good enough to eat!....:)

    1. I am baking my second batch of zucchini bread today. G made zucchini pickles (they are deliciuos!) and those sungold cherry tomatoes just go right in my mouth!

  2. Everything looks so wonderful. I am praying we get more rain, so I get more zucchini. Right now it's not producing too many, and I really want to make salsa again. I may have to buy some.

    1. Zucchini salsa? Oo do share the recipe. We are always looking for new ways to store our harvest.

  3. Those are beautiful zucchinis! And I love the melons and squash. I am not familiar with larkspur - are they easy to grow?

  4. Yes they are. They are an annual but if they are happy, they will reseed themselves. They like cool soil to germinate in. They are very similar to Delphiniums only smaller and not winter hardy.