Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our Rain Barrel Runneth Over

A recent installment on our farm is our rain barrel. Situated at the end of one simple gutter setup, it is constantly full with all the rain we have had. I haven't had to make a trip to the creek for water in ages. And while I miss my quiet moments being a 'water bearer', there are so many beds that when they require water, there's really no time to dilly dally.

Have you ever tried drinking rainwater? Our barrel is food grade (from the Coca Cola plant down the road) and we filter the water through a Brita filter before drinking it. Rainwater tends to be more acidic and it definitely tastes a little different but in a good, refreshing, harvesting your own water kind of way. 

Another recent installment is the grape arbor. 
Modeled affer gothic arches, my husband designed this himself including figuring out how to weave the string through a series of holes drilled in the PVC pipes that make up the arches. The Concord and Niagara grapes are planted at each corner and will be guided up the woven string and trained so the harvest can be easily gathered from the inside. It makes our little farm stand out a bit!
And finally......prepare for a cute attack! 
He designed and built bunkbeds for our two dogs and cat. 
Space saver for pets! Kitty will be queen with her palace on top. Short legged doggie goes on the bottom and long legged doggie goes in the middle. Can't wait for them to try 'em out!

Time to turn in ya'll. I will leave you with one of my calendula in bloom. Because wow what a beaut!


  1. Love the Calendula. Are you finding ways to add them to recipes? As for the cat and dog bunk bed, it's definitely cute! Keep us posted on how it goes. If it were my dogs, the two terriers would probably share the middle bed.

    1. I'm hoping to add the Calendula petals to homemade soaps and things like that. Supposed to be great for your skin! Well Sam crawled right in to the lower bunk (he loves caves and crawling under blankets so not sure I'm too surprised there!) and that meant Henry, short-legged stocky Henry, had to try and jump into the one above.

      It was great fun to see them all nested in. I'll take a photo next time there's enough daylight!