Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Farm Life in Training

A very strange thing has been happening over the last few months. First it started with the water heater leaking. Next, the water pipes started leaking. Then the boiler stopped working. Now, I know what you are thinking: what hardship! I prefer to look at things another way.

To start with, getting hot water has become a chore. Or has it? We turn the water on at the valve in the attached garage, come inside and fill up three two liter bottles, a basin at the sink, a stock pot and usually the kettle, then we go back out and shut off the valve. This all takes maybe five minutes. Hardship? Or training for a farm life where water will be fetched from am outdoor well, saved in buckets and a pitcher with a basin. Almost exactly how we will be living soon.

Then there's getting hot water. Surely very easy though time consuming. Simply setting the stock pot to boil, waiting and then dumping it in the sink to wash dishes once it is hot enough. Or for a bath, four pots of boiling water dumped in the bath tub, add cold 'to taste' and soak. Hardship? Or training for a farm life where getting hot water will either involve boiling water or sun warming it in the summer. Again, almost exactly like how we will be living soon.

And finally, heating our home. The boiler has to have air bled from the line daily and sometimes two to three times a day. This involves going out to the attached garage, playing with some water and air valves for a couple seconds, then closing things up. It also involves checking the thermostat periodically throughout the day to see if the boiler needs tended to, tended, like you would the flame of a wood stove. Hardship? Or training for the farm?

It took a little time for us to see things this way. First it was annoying, then it was novel and now it is simply normal. Why not get everything fixed you ask? Well, true we may have to eventually. We will be selling this house this year and some things will have to be fixed to make it marketable and some will not. In the end, these little inconveniences have boosted our confidence that not only are we doing the right thing (I rarely think things are coincidence), but that we can figure out ways to make things work, plumbing or not, boiler or not, hot water heater or not.

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