Monday, July 28, 2014

Oh dear; have you forgotten about me?

Blogging is one of those things that my fingers itch to do sometimes but instead I end up scratching up more soil to plant more veggies.  That's the way isn't it?  Blogging is a discipline.  Farming is a discipline.  Matthew Kelley says the amount of happiness you have in your life is in direct proportion to how much discipline you have.  Think he's right?

The winter was long, as I'm sure you well know.  We hit the ground running on February 22nd and planted kale, lettuce, beets, carrots and a few other things in our little cold frame which had black plastic over it since last summer.  Think having black plastic down for 6 months kills all weeds?  You'd be wrong! Our arch nemesis, bindweed, is one tough cookie. 

 Basil! These are 2 ft tall now

We have had lots of reasons to be thankful this year. Retired neighbors who enjoy helping out in exchange for gas money, or strawberry rhubarb pies, or fresh zucchini and radishes. We are quickly learning that the generosity our neighbors show is not a one time thing. It's constant and comes with no strings, the way sincere generosity should be. Below is the area our neighbor plowed and disced for us so we could plant our three sisters mounds. 

The three sisters beds just before planting

And after

The corn in the center, pole beans outside that and squash in the edges. These are all about a foot tall now. We used sweet corn. Our friends came out for a day and with pleasant talk and fellowship, helped us plant all the mounds. 

The lovely little garden cart hubby made. He's very handy!
Completed strawberry beds with completed blueberry bed in the background. 

After all this success we got down to serious business with our building projects.  We finished the outhouse, a neighbor moved it over the pit (yay!) then we finished our little cabin by hanging the doors and making a couple stairs for it.  We now are staying in the loft inside for many days at a time while I work my job and hubby and I both work the farm.

Baby zucchini now look like this

My family came out in May for a few days and helped us out on the farm.  It was good to see them. They mowed and weeded and we had some fun too!

They helped us with the greenhouse.  I have a greenhouse now; can you believe it?  I can't.  It works very well and it was designed entirely by my husband to get the most light.  He done good!!
The completed greenhouse

We recently bought two small Meyer lemon trees and they and out goji berry live inside right now. I am itching to get in there and organize. 

On Sundays we go foraging. So far we've harvested numerous medicinal herbs, rushes for baskets, choke cherries, black raspberries, wild raspberries, ramps, tiger lilies, bee balm and blackberries.  There's so much food out there!
This black raspberry patch is on our farm and kept producing more and more. Great year for them!
Our elderberries flowering, it's their first year!  Tiny harvest this year but oh the smell of those flowers is my favorite. 

The following are random flower photos from our farm. And that does it for me folks. I will try to post more often but ya know, the life of a farmer can be unpredictable!  Enjoy and God bless!