Friday, January 23, 2015

January Works

When you wake up to -12° 27 feels like a heat wave. So today on this particularly sunny and warm 27° day we decided to go down to the farm. We are working pretty diligently boxing things up, loading the truck, driving down. Repeat. To explain, we are making the final push to move on to our farm. Before we can move in to our little 8x8 (which is cuter than a shiny blue button I tell ya) we needed to (ahem) FINISH it!

Insulation had to go up, drywall and then paneling followed by shelves for our clothing. And that's what we began today. 
Dh working on the shelving. 

While we were there we had a few visitors. 
The neighbors' three cows got out, paraded down our road then turned right, right on to our farm. They cracked me up. One stopped periodically to moo loudly and bemoan her station in life. The neighbors said they would be steaks eventually. I suppose I can't blame the girl for her grumbling!

A short tour inside our little 8x8 and the things Dh has built to accommodate our soon to be, waaaay smaller living space:
He made this medicine chest from mulberry, birch and walnut. It's very deep and will hold toiletries as well. 
He made the cross above the cabinet and the cabinet too. It's an Amish style and has three shelves inside. Narrow but deep!
A full view:
And this solid cherry half moon table will be where we eat. For now it's our lantern table:
Our book shelf! We won't have TV or internet so back to basics with books! Remember when books were where we looked things up instead of Google? I'm looking forward to books again. When we get it all organized, it should be 100% books! 
And finally I had to show our braided rug. It's not homemade but it's the colors we wanted and sometimes frugality can backfire. We are so busy right now it would have taken a year to make one and that's a long time to deal with cold feet! So this will be for now and homemade will be for later. 
Hope your Christmas was grand and if your tree is still up no is ours. 


  1. The "Pocket" is truly coming together! Awesome. You and DH have put in a tremendous amount of work, it will all pay off. (P.S. - the cabinets are beautiful!)

    1. He's got some talent! We have a suspicion that we are making the place so cozy, we won't want to build anything bigger!

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