Friday, May 29, 2015

On the update!!

We are moved. After several years of dealing with the big bad city, commuting over an hour each way to the farm and job we are actually here. On the farm. The big city is now a place to visit (nightmare) that we only have to visit when necessity dictates (maybe once a month).  One layer of stress gone. Next??

Carrots are up, tomatoes are in, speedwell is beautiful, 

Baltimore oriole sings over my shoulder and my angel offers up seed on the way to our outhouse. 

The greenhouse is nearly done (it was done, then the plastic became undone, and we replaced it with plastic roof panels, much better) the raised beds are coming along and less raids by chipmunks or gophers (yes, we have a resident gooher) we will have a strawberry, raspberry and currant harvest this year. OH to have a kitchen! That is next on the building plans. 

I planted five roses that we took with us from the city. If you walk the path alongside them you come to my young wild cherry tree in which is hung our Tudor Rose Garden wind chimes given to us for our wedding. It's just lovely to go water the carrots or weed the other beds with the chimes singing the whole time. 

It's windy here. I'm not sure how it escaped me over the last two years but the wind blows nearly every day. Sometimes it gusts and sometimes it only sighs buy it means there is always music in the air. On extremely windy days the chimes nearest the cabin (a set DH purchased years ago which I love) and my rose garden chimes play together sounding out a bit of dichord in their scale, making me wonder if a storm is approaching. 

Until next time. Happy farming. 


  1. Congratulations! I do love your greenhouse - I have building one on my list, or should I say The List. I love wind chimes and your post reminded me that I need to repair mine. Welcome to Heaven!

    1. I am so glad to have a handyman for a husband. He designed and built everything himself. Thank you so much, it is Heaven. So much so that there are changes in my tone of voice that my dad picked up on last night. :)

  2. Congrats on the move... I love wind chimes and rosebushes, it sounds wonderful.

    1. It was the longest most physically exhausting move I've ever made so your congratulations are very welcome and appropriate. Thank you!