Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It's Only March

 And I'm already exhausted!

This thought helps me every. single. day. to be more positive
I do think tiredness is a state of mind sometimes. I've never been a mom, but I know that moms have the exhausted thing down pat.  I really do try to push on. I do. Who has time to be tired with kitchens to build and horticultural advice to give and family to call and church to invigorate and God to praise for all of it?

Not me.

I am not tired.  I am not tired.   I am not tired.

Um, this was over a week ago. Oh well.


 The news this week? We poured the footers for our kitchen. The cabbage seed is swelling but hasn't quite burst into germination yet. I started trying to Bullet Journal. The chives are sprouting in the greenhouse. Our teamwork as a couple has gotten much, much better and we put our statuary back out, we put the gutters and rain barrels back in position and we put a canopy up over the kitchen island so I can cook outdoors in all weather (except the freezing cold kind).

In other news, it turns out that if you don't add anything at all to the outhouse pit besides toilet paper and baby powder (it cuts the smell quite a lot) there's less smell and things break down the way they should. But let me tell ya, I'm not too fond of seeing all the spiderwebs outlined in frost under there.  Add to bullet list: dust outhouse more often this year.

Soon we will be in strawberries and rhubarb and raspberries and currants. I could totally be a fruitivore. 
Until next time..........................................