Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cooking in a rather small home

When people find out the size or our little cabin (and the fact we have no electricity or running water) the two most common questions are: how do you cook? how do you shower?

Cooking was a somewhat easy thing to figure out. First of all, you cook very simply. There aren't going to be any 4 course meals coming out of this thing.

We make coffee, soup, grilled cheese, bagels and lots of other simple things on this camp burner quite easily. We also have a chafing dish that, when enough time is allotted, can turn out some pretty yummy meals. The trick is to be creative yet simple and to think about timing in advance.

Some days, it doesn't work at all. Like the time I just dumped cold sauce in pasta I though was hot enough to heat up the whole works. Wrong. Or the time I dumped an entire bowl of yummy greens & beans made with our beans and our spinach on the floor. That one hurt. Canning that spinach had taken a lot of time.

You can't be hasty in a very small space.  You end up with black eyes, bruised arms and stepped-on toes. Every move has to be a bit calculated. And yes, sometimes you have to scream like a banshee at the dogs to get the heck out of your way before you burn/cut/spill something and they end up hurt in the bargain.

It's tricky. But when you get it, it's awesome. Because you're doing something not many people could see themselves doing and your sense of accomplishment is pretty sweet.

DH has it figured out. One night he made tortellini in gorgonzola sauce. Holy heaven I never thought anything could taste that good. This week he made gorgonzola polenta. It was a close second to the tortellini. We love our food. We do not feel deprived of much. Well, except for a shower sometimes.

So the second question is easy to answer. How do we shower? We go to the Y. They have daily passes and it's a bit pricey but we don't go very often. My hair loves this. In fact, my hair gets to looking so healthy, I don't want to wash it because then it becomes dry and hello lion! Luckily my hair is thick enough for 5 people so I can get away with this for a while.  At least I hope so. I suppose if I'm not getting away with it, nobody's going to tell me.  This is where not caring what anyone else thinks of you comes in; you just can't do what we're doing and think about that because nearly everyone thinks you are cray cray.