Monday, July 17, 2017

Let there be fruit!

We're having a great year with our fruit so far. I've made so many batches of jam that I think I have the routine down pat. It has definitely become normal to find me out in the drying shed over our 60,000 btu burner boiling down a big vat of yummy jam or this past week, red currant jelly.

Oh the beauty!

Last year we pruned our currants. Wrong. So we hardly got any fruit at all. This year we are reaping the reward of leaving them the heck alone. Besides a bit of aged manure and plenty of water, we've not done a thing and gotten plenty of black currants and just barely enough red to make jelly with which we are guarding jealously. We may part with some of it but not much!

Just before the currants came on I actually had to stop picking the strawberries. They just kept giving us more fruit but I had to let the slugs have it, there was simply too many other things being neglected. Ah! if only there were more than two of us!  Oh well. Maybe the slugs will have mercy on the strawberries next year because I turned the blind eye at the end of the season this year? 
Not hardly.

The other success is our 7 sister rose bush. Originally my mother's who bought it of a master rosarian who had, at one time, grown over 500 roses, it traveled from the midwest to my upstate ny place in a pot, much abused since I didn't plant it immediately, survived and at this, year three, decided it was liking its spot next to the outhouse just fine and might stay awhile.

And finally, our black raspberries are coming on. Not a lot, but still. We are grateful. God bless and until next time!

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  1. I'm getting ready to pick red and black currants, too! I had better get out there post-haste, as the birds have been eyeing the bushes. Glad to hear of your bounty!